Pet Program

Many of the West Bay Beach Resort employees have pets at home that they love and we know that you love yours too. We encourage you to bring your pet along with you for your stay with us at our pet-friendly hotel.

While we love seeing your furry four-legged friends around the property, we do ask that you follow some of our guidelines to ensure a happy stay for you and your family and pets.

•We need to keep the east wing as allergy-free as possible, so pets are only allowed in the west wing of the hotel.

•All pets must be registered with the Front Desk. This ensures that we are able to locate pets in an emergency situation should one arise.

•All pets are subject to a daily $20 fee plus tax per pet; $5 will be donated to a local pet organization.

•We prefer that pets are not left unattended in guest rooms at any time; it does stress them out to be left alone without their family and usually they will bark.  If you must leave them, and for our housekeepers’ safety, we prefer pets to be crated so that we may still service your room while your pet remains in the room. They are in a strange place so we may see behaviors that normally would not occur at home.

•Your pet is allowed in your guest room and in corridors when transporting your pet to and from your room. No pets are allowed in any hotel outlet, including the restaurants, bar, patio and pools. Michigan State Law prohibits pets near and around where food is being served or consumed. Dogs are not allowed on the beach.

•Dogs must be leashed at all times when outside your guest room to comply with city ordinance. This is also a safety issue given other dogs on property.

•There is a dog walk along the northside of the west parking lot. Please pick up after your pet. Trash cans are provided for your use.

•We have a reputable agency available for dog-sitting. Remember, you brought your pet so that they could have a good time too. They get lonely in the guest room waiting for you to comeback.

•You are responsible for any damages or disturbances caused by your pet. If your pet disturbs another guest’s stay, there will be a minimum fee of $50 plus tax and up to the full cost of another person’s stay. The hotel reserves the right to request that the pet be removed from the hotel.